Bjørn Melhus

Bjørn Melhus is a filmmaker and video artist who creates short, cyclic fairy-tales about movie myths, new media, eternal childhood, cloning, and split personalities. Most of his work uses sound excerpts from TV or pop music, rythmically assembled into new dialogues and redubbed by different characters, all embodied by Melhus himself. These creatures are not gender-specific and remain in a suspended state, a threshold that they can't overcome.

Coming from the generation of a "first TV-childhood" in Germany, Melhus makes uses of different phenomena related to TELE-VISION: the apparatus of identification, the mirror of doubles, and multiplication of an electronic virtual life.  His work has been shown worldwide in many festivals and exhibitions.

Available Titles by Bjørn Melhus

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No Sunshine 1997 Single Titles order video    add to wish list