Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar
2015 | 08:00

"Every object in the room will outlive him. The aspirin bottle is two hundred miles away and his robe is in another time zone."

—Mike Kuchar


A Rented Space, Mike Kuchar

He felt both dead and alive... having 'died' and having come back to the space of his 'living.'

—Mike Kuchar


Wishful Thinking, Mike Kuchar

In the stillness the mind speaks thoughts to sponge blood up off the floor.

—Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar, New Beginnings

He was born from the Maker's rib, - asked into existence...made Human for another step in the 'Dance.'


Mike Kuchar
2014 | 20:00

On the horizon, beyond their reach lies the shores of Poetry, and beneath their feet the chaos of Hell!

"Kuchar’s RatNest was similarly at play, as the programme’s title captures, albeit in the more claustrophobic surrounds of the...


Blue Vibrations

He made some 'love'....where has it all gone? 

--Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar
2014 | 12:11
Dreamsville, Mike Kuchar

Something lies yet unwritten within a poet who lost that 'spark' of having been born brand new onto a sacred stage.

— Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar
2014 | 07:14
Perplexities, Mike Kuchar

...If a person can get "sick of living in the same old place," - then why not "sick of the same old skin" !?!  -- Mike Kuchar 


Chasing Shadows, Mike Kuchar

...It was time to chase One's shadow back into sunlight.

-Mike Kuchar