New Releases

New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.
Vision of St. Bernard, Hans Breder

Based on a painting depicting St. Bernard receiving milk from a statue of the Virgin Mary.


Words: Donald Kuspit

Performer: Heidi Bartlett

Sound/Camera: Hans Breder

Post-production: Adam Burke


Hans Breder
1971 | 11:00
with-in, Hans Breder

This angelic image of performer Barbara Berry was created with a video effect processor called a Quantizer which could remap colors and create limited live effects.


Performer: Barbara Berry

Music: Peter Todd Lewis...


Hans Breder
2014 | 20:00
words ending, Hans Breder

Breder painted the words of Donald Kuspit’s poem in white on scraps of paper and then floated them down Old Man’s Creek, the site of many legendary Intermedia performances near Iowa City. As the water soaked through the paper, the words became...


Hans Breder
1986 | 30:00
Ursonate 1986, Hans Breder

Ursonate 1986 is the result of a transference process which utilizes computer and video technology to transport a 1932 phonetic poem, Ursonate, by the German artist Kurt Schwitters into a contemporary context. The poem is...


through the glass, Hans Breder

Performers throw themselves into an underground passageway. They exit through the mirror, a symmetrical mirror world which exists because of the placement and angle of the mirror as an upside-down place.

Performers: Ellen Krueger and...


tlocalula (blue), Hans Breder

This is a later reworking of original video documenting the goings-on of the village, Tlocalula, Mexico in 1973.


tlocolula (green), Hans Breder

This is a later reworking of original video documenting the goings-on of the village, Tlocalula, Mexico in 1973. Uses footage from Oaxaca 2004 in the background.


Hans Breder
2015 | 19:00
traces, Hans Breder

This 1978 conversation between poets Anselm Hollo and Robert Creeley, was updated in 2015 as Adam Burke relays their conversation.  Images of Hollo, Creeley, and Burke are juxtaposed on top of one another....


Hans Breder
1974 | 10:00
umbral, Hans Breder

An image of the curandero in Tlocalula, Mexico.