New Releases

New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.
Hans Breder
1976 | 12:00
intertext, Hans Breder

Breder used Stavros Deligiorgis’s encyclopedic ability to make associations as an element in this video art and performances, providing a kind of intellectual running commentary in works such as Intertext (1976). He watches a constantly...


For C…, In Memory I, Hans Breder

Cheri Mcelligott performance documentation.


For C…, In Memory II, Hans Breder

Cheri Mcelligott performance documentation.


Hans Breder
1984 | 09:00
anti-city, Hans Breder

Documentation of the installation The Future of Metropolis at Technical University in Berlin, Germany.


Hans Breder
2014 | 09:00
betwixt, Hans Breder

Created from 2014 footage shot at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts Gallery with a mirrored curtain, the performer here meets a ghost of herself.

Performer: Elisa Osborne

Camera: Liliana Gao

Editor: Adam Burke

Special Thanks to...


black and white, Hans Breder

A performer walks through footage of a pigeon on rooftop of Hotel Principal in Oaxaca, Mexico. The corporeal form takes flight.



Hans Breder
1969 | 09:00
boxed-in, Hans Breder

This slow-motion film is a glass snow globe with dancers who topple and bounce off the sides of the frame. Re-purposed by Breder at his Dortmund retrospective as Weisse Tasse in which a video was projected on the side of a white cup.


Hans Breder
1993 | 10:00
boxed-in 1993, Hans Breder

Breder had met Conceptual Artist and Painter Lucio Pozzi during the Painting after the Death of Painting exhibition in Moscow in 1989, ande the Visual Practice/Visual Theory Area Studies Group chose the occasion of his participation...


danza de la muerte, Hans Breder

This video uses a yoga performance by Barbara Breder to explore the masks of life and the dance of death.