Ken Kobland

Born - Bronx, New York

Ken Kobland has been working in various aspects of film and video since 1971, creating productions in collaboration with performing artists such as Philip Glass, the Wooster Group, Elizabeth LeCompte, and Spalding Gray. His work explores a variety of themes and issues, often embracing a photographic aesthetic within the context of video. Beautifully edited, his work merges diaristic and documentary categories, presenting an art of video that approximates photo-journalism. He is a recipient of the 1986 Berlin Artist in Residence Fellowship (DAAD) and has received a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.

Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
4. Down / 6. Across 2015 10 minutes 45 seconds Single Titles
ARISE! Walk Dog Eat Donut 1999 24 minutes Single Titles
Berlin: Tourist Journal 1988 18 minutes 59 seconds Single Titles
Buildings and Grounds/ The Angst Archive 2003 45 minutes Single Titles
Cabinet of Curiosities 2014 27 minutes 25 seconds Single Titles
CHEZ NOUS (a folly) 2019 18 minutes 53 seconds New Releases, Single Titles
Film Work 1975-2011 Ken Kobland 2012 8 hours Single Artist Compilations
Flaubert Dreams of Travel But the Illness of His Mother Prevents It. 1986 20 minutes Single Titles
Foto Roman 1990 28 minutes Single Titles
LOOKING BACKWARD(s) 2020 44 minutes 56 seconds Single Titles
Moscow X 1993 57 minutes Single Titles
Shanghaied Text 1996 19 minutes 47 seconds Single Titles
Stupa 1992 1 hour 46 seconds Single Titles
THE DRESS 2021 14 minutes New Releases, Single Titles
The New McLennium 1998 2 hours 2 minutes 50 seconds Curated Compilations
The Nothing That Is 2016 16 minutes 30 seconds Single Titles
Where Was I Now 2015 20 minutes 33 seconds Single Titles