Ross Rudesch Harley

Born -

Before running away to join the flea circus, Ross Rudesch Harley was an interdisciplinary artist and writer. His videos and installations were exhibited in places like the Zhu Qizhan Gallery in Shanghai, Corbusier's Chandigarh Art Museum in India, and in the "Video Viewpoints" series at New York's MoMA. Earlier projects include Digital Garden I-IV (1992-94), Woman in Room 32 (1994), and The Forgotten Adventures of Krazy Kat (1996). In 1997 he got his break with the circus, and co-directed The Cardoso Flea Circus Video with Maria Fernanda Cardoso for the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. In the 80s he was an editor of the journal Art + Text, and in 1992 was director of the Third International Symposium on Electronic Art in Sydney. A little later on, he produced the American Federation of Art's touring exhibition An Eccentric Orbit, and edited two anthologies, New Media Technologies and Artists in Cyberculture. He contributed a regular column on design and pop-culture to The Australian newspaper and one on contemporary music for Rolling Stone. When not travelling with the circus, he teaches in the Theatre/Film Department at the University of New South Wales, dividing his time between Sydney and Bogota.

Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
Cardoso Flea Circus 1997 8 minutes Single Titles