Scott Pagano

Born -

Scott Pagano creates image and sound works realized as recordings, installations, performances, and software. Driven by a keen interest in the byproducts of machine errors, graphic reworkings of architectural spaces, and breakdowns in communication systems, his work foregrounds both precision image reworking and malfunction fetishism. With a strong desire to create striking content via non-dominant processes, he employs a host of custom image/sound processing tools developed in Max/MSP/Jitter/Nato.0+55. Communication technologies, transportation, the physical layout of cities, and the pathways through which we are "informed" of events around the world are the impetus behind his video and sound compositions. His work attempts to break open social conditions, technological processes, and spatial interactions. Through careful yet chaotic video works, Pagano focuses on developing an intense visual language that offers up an alternative perspective on the multitude of systems and interactions that continuously saturate the various strata of cultural perception.




Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
5% 2001 10 minutes Single Titles