halflifers Actions in Action Actions in Action, 1997

This first work in the HalfLifers' Action Series plunges into a world of frantic heroes trapped in a continual crisis of dissolution and reification. An ordinary domestic setting is recast as a psychoactive landscape in which the concept of function becomes situational and fluid. Only through the strategic application of organic and inorganic “devices” can this zone be successfully navigated and the mission be saved.

kucharg Ancestral Antics Ancestral Antics, 2007

Making art and movies becomes the overall thrust of this foray into hives of humming wanna-bees being all that they can be thanks to the magic of chalk and cinema. Through it all there trudges the arthritic frame of he who samples the honey pot along with gobs of eggplant parmigiana, etc., etc., etc.

videofreex Ann's Bread, 1970

Videofreex member, Ann Woodward, provides a bread-baking lesson.

lacys Dinner at Jane's Dinner at Jane's, 2000

Executive produced by Sara Diamond at the Banff Art Centre, co-produced by Michelle Baughn and Suzanne Lacy, directed by Tom Weinberg and Dick Carter, and edited by Holen Kahn.

kucharg Edible Atrocities Edible Atrocities, 1990

We are what we eat, and we talk about what we are; so, naturally, we get hungry all the time. Join my friends as we not only hear, but see what they are and taste the essence of each one without the fear of emotional attachment. A leisurely, if somewhat "lazy Susan" of chewable tidbits that can be spit out if so desired (or undesired). A session of chowing down and chewing the fat with an assortment of gobblers that break bread, but no wind, with me.

videofreex Franklin Commune, Vermont, August 1970, 1970

A two-part study of the self-sustaining lifestyle of a communal farm in Vermont. 

kucharg Hotspell HotSpell, 2011

This final weather diary travels through some rough inner and outer domains.  Social interactions blend more smoothly than the clash of air masses which threaten to clobber a prairie town in a vortex of violence.

Flashbacks and flashpoints flare-up along with thunderheads that loom and boom with vibrations of doom, their every move charted with vivid vibrancy on videographic maps which detail developing devastation.

Desire and death are in the air along with some aromatic wisps of ethnic edibles, so be sure to sniff it all.


kucharm House of Souls House of Souls, 2005

The walls of a lone house reverberate with Human energy.

halflifers Mess Hall Mess Hall, 1999

The third installment in the Action Series. Two characters engage Ann Hamilton's Headlands kitchen-space and create temporal resonances. To survive they must break the fast (a midnight snack) and service the meal.

This title is also available on HalfLifers: The Complete History.

kucharg The Nutrient Express The Nutrient Express, 2010

A trip to Winnipeg introduces the viewer to moments of Canadian cuisine and to the easily digestible tidbits that make up the WNDX Film/Video Festival. Come join the movie buffs as they beef up on eye candy and tummy truffles, all the while indulging in a masticating miasma of minutia that's easy to swallow. Wash it all down with some river views and Mr. Coffee secretions and you'll get a taste of the treats that await all who head north to appease the more southerly rumblings of the human anatomy.

kucharg Pictographic Piles Pictographic Piles, 2008

As I rummage through a stack of photos the memories of this and that plus who’s what and where rush in helter skelter. There’s a lot to swallow on screen and off (most of it from Oriental kitchens) but there are dashes of the even more exotic as the viewer glimpses renderings of the indigestible here and there (but mostly above and beyond!).

kucharg SeaSide Show SeaSide Show, 2008

Waves crash on rocks as tongues flap in the wind about all things cinematic. People chirp and chew in various states of dress and undress as the climate shifts from coast to coast on the tide of a national pleasure/treasure: film festivals, lectures and art happenings.

stratmand Shrimp Chicken Fish Shrimp Chicken Fish, 2010

An homage to Chicago's East 95th Street Bridge, Calumet Fisheries and to a couple of the city's infamous brothers.  The take-out shack, originally glimpsed in the background of a scene from The Blues Brothers, still operates.  It has become a real-world portal to a cinematic past.  Propped along the edge of the 95th street drawbridge, the building is framed by the towering infrastructures of the Chicago Skyway and Calumet Harbor.

dinceln Solitary Acts #5, Nazli Dincel Solitary Acts #5, 2015

Wittnerchrome, Exacto Knife, Fishing Line, Sewing Machine

kucharg Spectral Delivery Spectral Delivery, 2008

A volume of illustrated horrors arrives to stimulate the chatter of those who behold its weighty extravagance. The locales shift from plate to plate as nutritious foods for thought telegraph their nifty nutrients to the very core of our convoluted coils. The dishes arrive in a variety of spices and places so just sit back, savor the variety, and help deposit what is digested in a bowl of your choice (hopefully of porcelain perfection with maybe a splash of yellow effervescence!).

alsharifb Turkish Delight Turkish Delight, 2010

Super 8mm film transferred to digital video. Installation composed of footage from three separate sequences that interweave frame by frame. Shot in the interiors of empty homes in Amman, Jordan. Sound composed of recording of food ingredients for unspecified dishes looped repetitively over ambient noise from film transfer to digital video.

kucharg Vintage Visits Vintage Visits, 2010

Another edition to my weather diary series, this particular one has more social intercourse occurring in the prairie hovel which houses the hidden longings of he who seeks sustenance from the void.  The void acts up in the beginning and then simmers warmly in the glow of companionship from fellow travelers on this Route 66 to who knows where? Perhaps to that pillar of pancake perfection known as Denny's (the restaurant, not the deity).

kucharg Webtide Webtide, 2010

Once again a seaside serenade of sloshing oils and simmering scallops fills the crannies of Cape Cod with dingle-berries of dubious delight!  Join a crew of crustacean craving civilians as they shuck their shells of inhibitions to become the truly truculent trespassers of a salty sanctuary.  Visit the chefs of chivalry as they skewer the squeamish with talons of titillating tidbits, each one a calorie crunching course in obese obtrusiveness and opulent oddness.  Come one, come all, and sample a smorgasbord of simple pleasures in this vacation video of vicarious vacillations.

kucharg Yuletide Surfers Yuletide Surfers, 2000

From the crashing waves of a wintry Pacific to the haunted vestibules of a Bay Area mansion, allow entry to this motley crew of ravished revelers who bring their choppers down on an assortment of improvised bon-bons. The acting talents of those in search of holiday happiness find release in this smorgasbord of seasonal shenanigans that feasts on the bounty of the sea and the booty of the breadbasket to bake a nutty fruitcake of feisty spirits and smoked ham.