2000 | 00:06:00 | United States | English | Color | Stereo

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Consumer culture, Language, Music

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2@ is part of the Pop Manifestos series, a five-video project realized in collaboration with Cokes' former students Seth Price and Damian Kulash, and originally conceived as part of a series for the conceptual band SWIPE.

"2@ rehearses a subjective, skeptically positioned history of rock to a generic song by the noise-pop band SWIPE. My approach was inspired by Dan Graham's videotape Rock My Religion, which deploys a punk-influenced documentary technique to construct a consumer-discourse about rock history. I borrow Graham's desire to put rock music’s history of production and reception in a critical context. This work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Impakt Festival and the Ottawa Art Gallery."

--Tony Cokes

Exhibitions + Festivals

2002 Whitney Biennial