2012 | 01:21:27 | United Kingdom | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Animation, City, Environment, Feature Length, Found Footage, State, The, Surveillance, Technology

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Babeldom is a city so massive and growing at such a speed that soon, it is said, light itself will not escape its gravitational pull. How can two lovers communicate, one from inside the city and one outside? This is an elegy to urban life, against the backdrop of a city of the future, a portrait assembled from film shot in modern cities all around the world and collected from the most recent research in science, technology and architecture.

"It’s a complex architectural vision equal parts awesome and terrifying… This is a film – and city – to get lost in."

— Isabel Stevens, Sight and Sound

"This extraordinary documentary is a kind of poetic treatise on the idea of a city. Bush has created an elegy about the life of a metropolis since its almost mythical beginnings."

— Martina Olszowska, Kino Magazine

"A fascinating meditation on the cities of the future… There is something of Iain Sinclair, J G Ballard and Italo Calvino here, and of the night time Paris in Godard’s Alphaville."

 — Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian




Youla Boudali and Mark Caven in an Ancient Mariner Production

Written, Produced and Directed by Paul Bush

Camera: Paul Bush

Editor: Lawrence Huck

Soundtrack composed by Andy Cowton

Choral Music composed by Stuart Earl

Sound recorded, edited and mixed by Zhe Wu

Online editing and colour grading by Juan Pablo Salazar and Roni Rodrigues



International Film Festival Rotterdam