Lux Aeterna

2016 | 00:41:00 | United States | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: Image Processing, Performance

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In this seated performance Sinah Ober conjures a recurring flickering ghost. Raising hundreds of matches from the floor to her face, Ober briefly lifts a light that traces the path of chakra activation from the root chakra to the crown. She releases an external body of light and casts the transient shadow left behind. Breder’s direction in the studio resulted in hours of footage of the performer reflected in a stainless steel mirror that’s pitted and scratched. The distorted reflection abstracts her body outline. Ober’s seated pose reinforces the meditative state of the viewer. Ober’s performance of this ascending path gives a perfect glowing shape in the column of the chakras, a scarred, distorted light that floats, flickers, flares, and fades.  She traces the stations of the chakras with colored light. Originally titled Light, it was a study in black and white.

For this piece, Sinah Ober lifted hundreds of matches from the ground to her crown. She follows the stations of the chakras. Instead of a perfect mirror, Breder filmed her reflection in a dented, scratched piece of polished steel. You can see her seated Buddha pose in glimpses. The video begins with an explosion of red. A splash of sacral blood, shimmering and dancing. A pulsing cloud that drifts and sways. Through dozens of repeated gestures, her movement gently beckons the viewer, lighting a path towards enlightenment. Notable for the soundtrack with Herman Rappaport, Alan Ross and Breder. The track was the heavily processed result of several years of refined collaboration and practice.


Performer: Sinah Ober

Alto Saxophone: Herman Rappaport

Piano: Hans Breder

Trombone: Alan Ross

Mastering Jeff Konrad

Post-production: Adam Burke