Survivor's Remorse

A.K. Burns

2018 | 00:20:11 | United States | English | B&W and Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: AIDS/HIV, Activism, Art History, Body, Health

Originally commissioned by the Harvard Art Museums in response to the life and work of David Wojnarowicz, Survivor’s Remorse looks at how both art and bodies are maintained and the socio-economic influences that create a chasm between the value of things and people. This work examines the resources dedicated to the maintenance and care of artworks versus (artists) lives, especially those marginalized by illness or identity.

Installations of the work are displayed on a synced grid of nine flat screen monitors. One of the monitors has been removed from the wall with the cords (or guts) exposed and is viewed from an open shipping crate. Evoking a sarcophagus, the crate represents the archive and the postmortem value of art. The Video Data Bank offers this work for screening in educational contexts. Contact us for inquiries about gallery exhibition.


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Harvard Art Museum
Cambridge, MA

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‘Museum,’ MMK Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt, Germany