Undeniable Evidence

Igor Vamos

1995 | 00:30:40 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Activism, Culture Jamming, Politics

A provocative half-hour of guerrilla artists caught in the act on videotape, Undeniable Evidence is a public art extravaganza assembled by Igor Vamos and anonymous culture jammers.

Ephemeral pieces documented include Grupo Baja Mar/The Low Tide Group. An artists' group uses the unique geologic and architectural features of Spain's San Sebastian's beaches to create a giant public billboard that wipes itself clean each day with the incoming tide.  In English and Spanish.

Human Target Flag Responding To Operation Desert Storm. A Portland, Oregon group hangs an enormous U.S. flag, composed of human silhouette targets, off a bridge directly in front of U.S. Navy ships during war homecoming celebrations.  

Reverse Peristalsis Painting. Outside Vice President Dan Quayle's fundraising brunch for Bob Packwood, an organized group of 24 people in ill-fitting suits engage in the event by vomiting the colors of the American flag.

Malcolm X Street. At a time when the city of Portland is considering stripping Martin Luther King Jr.'s name off a local street, a covert organization calling itself Group X changes the name of another downtown street to Malcolm X Street in a clandestine overnight action.

Canine Edible Sculpture. After overcoming their initial fear, fifteen dogs consume a sculpture made of 480 pounds of grisly beef bones and dry dog food on a football field.

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