Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

George is in Tampa, Florida to do a one-day video workshop, so they make a fast-moving trailer for a non-existent UFO abduction movie.

George Kuchar

Weather Watch

1991 | 00:16:05

A window or two on the outside world is not enough, especially when you have such a lousy view of things as I had in this Oklahoma residential care home.

George Kuchar

The Last Hello

1986 | 00:18:07

A friend visits from Canada and we relive the past as the future becomes more and more obscured by a cloud of burning vegetation wrapped in cigarette paper and exhaled by a pair of lungs unable to supply a brain with the necessary oxygen (…

Visit a ghetto for the gifted in this Christmas tape that features painting, cooking, and a private tour of cubicles dedicated to culture. Revel in the un-whiteness of a Los Angeles holiday and bask in the heat of noshing newlyweds.

George Kuchar

The Pagan Angel

1998 | 00:20:30

A bird of paradise is pruned for the lens of a Bolex camera as my Sony camcorder documents the film and video scene out here in fog-bound Frisco.