Tom Rubnitz

Born -

A quintessential New York underground film/video artist, the late Tom Rubnitz took a bite out of the Big Apple and spat it out in a wild kaleidoscope of unequivocal camp and hallucinogenic color. Ann Magnuson, the B-52s, The “Lady” Bunny, and the late John Sex are but a few of the stars that shine oh-so-brightly in Rubnitz’s glittering oeuvre. A genre artist par excellence, Rubnitz treated the sexy-druggy-wiggy-luscious-desserty qualities of the ’80s downtown club scene with the loving care only a true hedonist could show.  Rubnitz died from an AIDS-related illness in 1992.

Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
Bump and Grind It 1986 3 minutes 15 seconds Single Titles
Chicken Elaine 1983 1 minute Single Titles
Drag Queen Marathon 1986 5 minutes Single Titles
Hustle with My Muscle 1986 4 minutes Single Titles
Listen To This 1992 15 minutes 30 seconds Single Titles
Pickle Surprise 1989 1 minute 40 seconds Single Titles
Strawberry Shortcut 1989 1 minute 32 seconds Single Titles
Summer of Love PSA 1990 30 seconds Single Titles
The Fairies 1989 5 minutes Single Titles
The Whole World is (Still) Watching 2016 1 hour 15 minutes 12 seconds Compilations, Curated Compilations
Undercover Me! 1988 2 minutes Single Titles
VDB TV: Decades 2017 7 hours 47 minutes 37 seconds Box Sets, Compilations, Curated Compilations
Wigstock: The Movie 1987 20 minutes Single Titles