Hester Scheurwater

Born -

Hester Scheurwater (born 1971, H.I. Ambacht, The Netherlands) studied monumental art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, where she participated in workshops with Frans Zwartjes and Nan Hoover.  She now teaches video art at the Academy.

Since 1996, Scheurwater has made video installations and experimental films that have been shown all over the world at festivals, museums, galleries and art spaces. In many of her short films and videos, Hester Scheurwater's camera explores the relationships between human beings, and between humans and space, relationships that rarely flourish. The modern individual appears isolated from reality, unable to connect with self or surroundings.  In Scheurwater's universe there is very little room for human warmth; the only hope that remains is the camera itself, feverishly searching for compassion in the remnants of decay.

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Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
Ani(fe)mal(e) 2005 1 minute 24 seconds Single Titles
Baby 2006 1 minute 48 seconds Single Titles
Bruises 2005 2 minutes 54 seconds Single Titles
Ground Floor 2001 7 minutes 35 seconds Single Titles
Heal Me 2000 3 minutes 8 seconds Single Titles
Hester Scheurwater Videoworks: Volume 1 2004 20 minutes 5 seconds Single Artist Compilations
Hester Scheurwater Videoworks: Volume 2 2012 18 minutes 11 seconds Compilations, Single Artist Compilations
I Must Be Beautiful Too 2000 3 minutes 38 seconds Single Titles
I Wanted You 2001 3 minutes 15 seconds Single Titles
It Hurts 2006 1 minute 48 seconds Single Titles
Lisa 2001 3 minutes 29 seconds Single Titles
Mama 2005 2 minutes 41 seconds Single Titles
Poster Girl 2003 5 minutes 6 seconds Single Titles
Purify 2007 2 minutes 30 seconds Single Titles