NDN Survival Trilogy

TJ Cuthand | 2018 - 2019 | TRT 37:48

Video Details
TJ Cuthand | 2018 | 00:13:11 | Canada | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Reclamation is a documentary-style imagining of a post-dystopian future in Canada after massive climate change, wars, pollution, and the after-effects of the large-scale colonial project which has now destroyed the land. When Indigenous people are left behind after a massive exodus by primarily privileged white settlers who have moved to Mars, the original inhabitants of the land cope by trying to restore and rehabilitate the beautiful planet they belong to.

About this program:

Video Data Bank is pleased to present the NDN Survival Trilogy, comprised of TJ Cuthand's Extractions (2019), Less Lethal Fetishes (2019), and Reclamation (2018). The videos take on: artwashing and feeling complicit, Indigenous resistance to colonization, the recovery of land, and the healing of colonized lands and peoples. Often autobiographical in nature, Cuthand's works merge a DIY sensibility with compelling critique in order to address resource extraction and climate change through his Indigiqueer experience. 

[Cuthand's storytelling marks] an elder-in-training, a modern sex-positive sage who does not shy away from topics of mental health, reproduction, queerness and the environment and how these all intersect with Indigeneity.

– Karina Griffith, Berlin Art Link

TJ Cuthand is a Plains Cree/Scots filmmaker born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and who grew up in Saskatoon. Since 1995 he has been making short experimental narrative videos and films about sexuality, madness, queer identity and love, and Indigeneity. Get to know more about Cuthand and his work and practice in VDB Asks... TJ Cuthand

The NDN Survival Trilogy is available here for institutional screenings and educational collections.