New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.


Hans Breder

black and white

2004 | 00:07:30

A performer walks through footage of a pigeon on rooftop of Hotel Principal in Oaxaca. The corporeal form takes flight.

Hans Breder


1994 | 00:18:00

Two horses. Two men. Two cameras. A wintry horse ride with Dutch artist Harry Heyink through Iowa is split in two.

Hans Breder


1969 | 00:09:00

This slow-motion film is a glass snow globe with dancers who topple and bounce off the sides of the frame. Re-purposed by Breder at his Dortmund retrospective as Weisse Tasse in which a video was…

Hans Breder


2015 | 00:19:00

A Nazi battalion marches in red in front of the ominous floating hand from THE AX HAS FLOWERED. This…

This video uses a yoga performance by Barbara Breder to explore the masks of life and the dance of death.

Hans Breder

Lux Aeterna

2016 | 00:41:00

At Breder's direction in the studio, the performer releases a body of light that casts a transient shadow. Following the tantric chakra stations, a match is lifted from root to crown. Instead of a…

Hans Breder


1970 | 00:10:00

Breder regarded Eclipse I as one of his most successful intermedia performance works for the complexity of the experience. Generators were used to provide electricity for the projections…

Hans Breder

7 + 7

2015 | 00:31:00

Seven digital mandala-chakras superimposed on video works made over several decades that relate to each chakra. This video compiles previous works into a chakra composite.

Performers: …

Ana Mendieta performs a kiss in Old Man's Creek with another performer.

Hans Breder


1984 | 01:01:00

Originally filmed as an installation in Berlin, a digital reworking of documentation results in digital video artwork which uses image, narration, and raw sound for the sake of deconstructing and…

Hans Breder


1970 | 00:11:00

The performer interprets a video demonstration of a series of poses with mirrors, not unlike Breder's Bod/Sculpture photo series, but this time in a studio. This performance was later staged…

Hans Breder


2014 | 00:09:00

Created from 2014 footage shot at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts Gallery with a mirrored curtain, the performer here meets a ghost of herself.

Performer: Elisa Osborne

Camera: Liliana Gao…