New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.


A.K. Burns

Survivor's Remorse

2018 | 00:20:11

Originally commissioned by the Harvard Art Museums in response to the life and work of David Wojnarowicz, Survivor’s Remorse looks at how both art and bodies are maintained and the socio-…

A.K. Burns

Untitled (eclipse)

2019 | 00:13:00

A silent 16mm film shot in Nebraska during the total solar eclipse in 2017. The work was shot on film to capture this light-based phenomenon on a light reactive medium, as opposed to on digital…

A.K. Burns

Orchid Show

2013 | 00:13:34

A video work that documents the annual orchid show at the New York Botanic Garden, Orchid Show critically observes notions of spectacle, gender and beauty as a query into the staging and…

Paul Tarragó


2021 | 00:07:20

This episode includes: two more adverts, considerations of the future, a multiple projection spectacular in miniature, a riverine jaunt, much fog, and an ending…

Paul Tarragó

The Variations

2021 | 00:29:23

Completed in 2021, The Variations is a suite of 4 standalone films,

Jessie Mott +1

Contaminate Me

2021 | 00:03:06

The small cruelties of a subliminal fog roll in.  A pandemic thwarts intimacy. Perched from their little planets, this cast of wildly colorful creatures question their futures and navigate the…

A promotional vehicle with lane-changing tendencies, but both hands kept on the wheel at all times.


A newsletter that turned into a film about hands (fast forwarding through slow times).

Paul Tarragó

The Orrery

2021 | 00:06:45

The expansive cycles of time vs. the ever smaller circles of life under lockdown. Includes: a journey to the river, some rat facts,

Stephanie Barber

3 Peonies

2017 | 00:03:13

3 Peonies is a brief, poetic 16mm film of a simple sculptural action. What becomes apparent is the humor possible in material…

The horizon, where the sky and the earth meet, is always elsewhere, a promised place where these two elements come together. A metaphor, an orienting, a promise of…

In 1985 the great soprano Leontyne Price sang the title role in Verdi’s Aida as her farewell opera. After the ‘O patria mia’ aria, the audience breaks into a four-minute…