New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.


Christopher Harris


2000 | 01:00:00

still/here is a meditation on the vast landscape of ruins and vacant lots that constitute the north side of St. Louis, an area populated almost…

Susan Youssef


2023 | 00:04:24

Actress Maisa Abd Elhadi was shot while protesting in 2021. This short reimagines the moment the actress danced with the forces and through creativity removed all obstacles, for herself and those…

A film titled Dance Movie (or, alternatively, Rollerskate) appears in many Warhol filmographies, but no work with this title has been found in the archive. The lost film,…

Born out of an "objective hazard" (a 16mm roll where two different subjects were imprinted by mistake), jeny303 is a composite work intertwining two portraits. On the one hand there is…

A video letter to artist Nancy Holt, in homage to a shared interest in terminal lakes, framed views, monuments and time.  Filmed on and around the…

A voyage into the labyrinthine memories of a Uitoto man, who worked for the drug Lords in the Colombian Amazon back in the 80s. Following his path between the forest and the ruin of a Narco's…

Deborah Stratman


2021 | 00:04:33

Some forms we can only know by their shadow.  In homage to the spirits of space test dogs, or any being we use in the name of progress. 

The “greca”, the meander, is the main symbol weaved in the textiles made by the Navarro sisters, from Santo Tomás Jalieza, México. A geometrical form of an endless braid of diamonds, the “greca”…

A psychedelic portrait of the founding theorist of Christianity.

The story of Paul the Apostle’s life, ideology and influence is told by piecing together 20th Century 16mm and cassette…

This sumptuous Valentine sent by Miss Philly unfolds with the lavish lushness of love for HIM whom she adores.

Mike Kuchar

Fever Dreams

2015 | 00:30:00

The temperature in your eyes will rise when you contract ‘FEVER DREAMS’ and experience the haunted mayhem contained therein.

Mike Kuchar


2021 | 00:16:00

Do walls have ‘tales’ to tell? Are ghosts the only ’friend’ one has on sleepless nights when the mind whispers to the soul and a beating heart drums its deeply…