New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.


Akram Zaatari

The Landing

2019 | 01:03:00

Whether they inhabit the desert or are lost in it, three men are clearly confronted to the ruins of modern times. They are explorers…

John Smith


2020 | 00:16:05

Filmed from the artist’s window during lockdown, Citadel combines short fragments from British Prime Minister…

John Smith

Covid Messages

2020 | 00:22:16

Covid Messages is a video in six parts, based around broadcasts of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s COVID-19…

Jules Rosskam

Paternal Rites

2018 | 01:24:00

Paternal Rites is a first-person essay film that examines the secret underbelly of a contemporary Jewish American family as they grapple with the aftereffects of physical and sexual abuse…

Dana Levy

Last Man

2020 | 00:12:17

Last Man is made of the raw footage of security cameras that stream online. During the spring 2020 lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Dana Levy, who lives in New York,…

Out of the mouths of rural boys, finding the incomparable Mulla Nasrudin in Afghanistan.

After my first year of art school in San Francisco in 1978, I quit, and headed to the Banff School…

Adrian Garcia Gomez


2020 | 00:05:00

Primavera is a frenetic experimental animation that documents the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests as they intersect in springtime Brooklyn. Shot during isolation on a phone,…

Sterling Ruby


2019 | 00:33:10

STATE is a single-channel video projection that the artist has spent the past five years researching and producing, working with a videographer and helicopter pilot to film aerial views…

For four years in the 1860’s, half of the United States was held hostage by an unrecognized white supremacist republic. Shot on 16mm in national military parks, swamps, forests and the suburban…

Distracted Blueberry follows a performance art band through a series of poetic encounters. Masculine tropes are undone to form a relationship between male sexuality and the human death…

Sky Hopinka


2019 | 00:10:00

Images of friends and landscapes are cut, fragmented, and reassembled on an overhead projector as hands guide their shape and construction in this film stemming from Hollis Frampton’s

The language and imagery related to celebrity perfumes (both descriptive and visual) are a starting point to think about consumer desires and the corruptness of branding. Give us your songs, your…