Single Artist Compilations are surveys of an artists moving image work.


Mike Kuchar

Secret Spaces

2019 | 00:22:00

Part One: Sunkissed — This outdoor meditation is drenched with sunlight, carressed by breezes and blessed with a young man who discovers his special 'role' in Time's dimention.

Mike Kuchar

Two Movies

2019 | 00:20:00

...Each of these two movies, (both ten minutes in length), deal with elemental Spirits of the imagination and with the cosmic forces in Space and Time...

...and "Inner" and "Outer"…

Stephen Varble (1946-1984) staged gender-confounding costume performances on the streets of 1970s Manhattan, and became infamous for his anti-commercial disruptions of galleries, banks, and…

Paul Tarragó

The Variations

2021 | 00:29:23

Completed in 2021, The Variations is a suite of 4 standalone films,

A.K. Burns

Touch Parade

2011 | 00:31:35

Touch Parade is a 5-channel HD video installation consisting of crush (9:22 min. loop,) squeeze-2-pop (5:49 min. loop,) wading (3:41 min. loop,) glove love…