POSTWAR: The Films of Daniel Eisenberg

03:23:53 | 3 DVDs

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Tags: Architecture, Chicago Art, City, Diary, Documentary, European Film/Video, Expedition/Travel, Experimental Film, Family, Film or Videomaking, History, Jewish, War

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POSTWAR: The Films of Daniel Eisenberg

This three-disc DVD box set contains Eisenberg's four thematically connected films - Displaced Person, Cooperation of Parts, Persistence, and Something More Than Night - made between 1981 and 2003, exploring the ongoing implications of the Second World War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as the relationships between the past, present and future, and how the meanings of events transform over time.  The disks are accompanied by a booklet with a contextualizing essay by Scott Durham and an artist interview with Domieta Torlasco, along with title descriptions, an artist biography and filmography.

"Pulling in anchors of ephemerality, reconstruction, and salvage, and treating the present as the past and vice versa in a redemptive fashion... Daniel Eisenberg interrogates the soul of history."

-- Edward E. Crouse, San Francisco Guardian

"Daniel Eisenberg's films are celluloid tapestries woven together out of histories and memories, night and day, daily life and reflection."

-- Ulrike Ottinger, Filmmaker, Berlin

DVD box set can also be ordered with accompanying book, POSTWAR: The Films of Daniel Eisenberg, the first major critical study of the filmmaker, edited by Jeffrey Skoller, and published by Black Dog Publishing.  Book includes essays by Tom Gunning, Raymond Bellour, Nora M. Alter, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Jeffrey Skoller, Leora Auslander, Scott Durham, Crista Blümlinger, and Daniel Eisenberg.

Included Titles

Displaced Person
This film uses the ‘old fashioned’ conventions of documentary film practice to stand history on its head. There is a narration taken from a radio lecture by Claude Lévi-Strauss entitled, “The Meeting of Myth and Science,” images from the Deutsche...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: documentary, found footage, history, jewish, war

Cooperation of Parts
The fragment contains within it an implied reference to something that was once whole. It suggests damage and violence, time and distance. These qualities I found were integral to my own constitution, and it was with the making of Cooperation Of...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: diary, documentary, expedition/travel, family, history, jewish, war

Daniel Eisenberg
1997 | 1:23:53
"Persistence was shot in 1991-92 in Berlin, and edited with films by U.S. Signal Corps cameramen in 1945-46, obtained from Department of Defense archives. Interspersed through these materials are filmic quotations from Rossellini's Germany Year Zero...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: architecture, city, diary, documentary, eastern european, experimental film, history, landscape, memory, politics, time

Something More Than Night
1. The idea that a film about a city, a quiet, architectural film no less, can tell us anything that we don’t already know about urban life at this point in our new century is perhaps a bit arrogant. But the city is an organism that changes...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: architecture, chicago art, city, film or videomaking

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