Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

A rising moon and lowering standards in secular shenanigans highlight this documentary on the making of a sci-fi epic for mini-adults.

George Kuchar

Lumps of Joy

2004 | 00:14:00

A holiday video of good cheer and feline ferocity, this annual tradition of videotaped festivities centers on the oriental and occidental tidbits that make the season worthy for bipeds on wheels as they pedal from one calorie laden event to…

Mike Kuchar

I Face the Night

2000 | 00:22:26

Having once made a video about the positive and soothing aspects of night, it was now time to focus on characters that develop a phobia toward darkness and being alone in it.

Two strippers decide a walk in the park might lift their spirits, which do get a big boost when they contemplate a park monument dedicated to sailors in this audacious, "beefy" romp.

George Kuchar

SeaSide Show

2008 | 00:20:00

Waves crash on rocks as tongues flap in the wind about all things cinematic.

George Kuchar


2009 | 00:03:30

Solstice is a music video illustrating the feelings inspired by this holiday song written by a young man I met in Atlanta, Georgia, Andy Ditzler.

Mike Kuchar

A Rented Space

2015 | 00:08:00

He felt both dead and alive... having 'died' and having come back to the space of his 'living.'

—Mike Kuchar

Mike Kuchar

Generation Z

2014 | 00:07:46

...Even if he is the planet's biggest dunce, he can't go back to school because the course he was given is for one term only.

-Mike Kuchar

Mike Kuchar

Meat with Bones

2017 | 00:08:00

He is Earth, Sky, and the Universe. He is Creation's creator.

My teaching assistant during the spring semester (Marc Rokoff) at the San Francisco Art Institute began shooting a documentary of me and the students making our sci-fi drama, The Planet of the Vamps.

Mike Kuchar

Wind in My Sails

2002 | 00:13:00

Like ships in a harbor, men come and go in relationships. But, as one character says to another character who is heartbroken: "You sucked enough juice out of him... don't be greedy!"

George Kuchar

Web of Vice

2006 | 00:50:00

Shot with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute, this colorful drama with song and dance numbers (plus burlesque acts) follows the libidinous poisoning of Vatican personnel by an otherworldly intruder.