Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Taped during the summer months in New York City and Provincetown, Massachusetts. This vacation video explores the restrictions imposed by dietary fears and the need to appease fresh and rotten appetites.

This horror picture is a sequel to THE KISS OF FRANKENSTEIN (a one act play I wrote a few years ago which was performed by my graduate students at the San Francisco Art Institute).

Mike Kuchar

Leticia's Poem

2002 | 00:17:00

Poet Leticia Plotkin's final poem, intended to praise the ancient deities who control one's fate, turns instead into a bitter damnation scribbled in venom.

George Kuchar


2010 | 00:19:52

From the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the innards of a castle of contraptions, this video explores the creative bric-a-brac of several entities who pioneered a wired frontier filled with fire wires and fire water.  Join them as they…

Mike Kuchar

Summer Sins

2014 | 00:11:01

... There is a garden in the dark hunger of his psyche where forbidden fruit grows.

— Mike Kuchar

This wonderful and wide-ranging saga of New Age sensibilities in conflict with down-and-dirty urges takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride into the freak show world of actors and actresses in need of adequate direction.

A California Christmas season ushers in an array of holiday visuals designed to feed the hunger of soiled souls in search of truffle filled delights.

George Kuchar

Vista Visions

2007 | 00:14:00

A tribute to people everywhere who spread their glorious visions on canvases both large and small, beaded or lenticular, glossy or matt finished.

George Kuchar


2009 | 00:03:30

Solstice is a music video illustrating the feelings inspired by this holiday song written by a young man I met in Atlanta, Georgia, Andy Ditzler.

George Kuchar

The Gift of Gab

1989 | 00:17:31

The Gift of Gab presents the sobering tale of life and death, love and loss, all told through a series of simple everyday exchanges.

George Kuchar


2000 | 00:10:19

A reflection on the deep and the creatures that attempt to fathom its resources (such as baked salmon and rubbery crocodile meat).

George Kuchar

Dream Boat

2004 | 00:14:00

This is sort of an Easter holiday affair as it has bunny images in it, plus the finale was shot on an Easter Sunday visit to a friend’s gallery.