Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar


2012 | 00:10:00

He imagined he was her first love 
...Held her perfectly balanced on his manhood
- The salty, fevered sweat of her flesh burnt him
- Yet he has no will to flee.

Mike Kuchar


2014 | 00:07:14

...If a person can get "sick of living in the same old place," - then why not "sick of the same old skin" !?!  -- Mike Kuchar 

Mike Kuchar

Broken Gods

2017 | 00:10:00

A broken god on the stone slab in a desert, waiting for "he" that will dig for him; wipe the sand from his handsome face.

It’s summer time in New York City and the relatives are coming out of the woodwork. Cats live and die amid the high humidity and more exotic species of God’s goodness parade distressingly on the hot asphalt of a shopping mall.

Mike Kuchar

Blue Banshee

1994 | 00:14:36

Commissioned to be a "promo" for a loud punk rock band, Mr. Kuchar feared that the noise the band made would spoil the mood of his visuals, so he used the sound of a lush orchestra to score the picture and the antics.

Mike Kuchar


2007 | 00:10:00

A loud lady conjures fourth a mouthful of chants and an eye full of water-soaked meat.

A vain, self centered mother competes with her daughter in the world of carnivorous men and sleazy movies.

Mike Kuchar

Swan Song

2009 | 00:10:00

A pair of de-iced dove wings are on the floor next to his bed, states the poet who is deeply in love, and falling deeper, in this pictoral poem.

Mike Kuchar

Splatter Movie

2011 | 00:16:45

Sex, sleaze, drugs, blood, and much, much more!

-- Mike Kuchar

Mike Kuchar

Summer Sins

2014 | 00:11:01

... There is a garden in the dark hunger of his psyche where forbidden fruit grows.

— Mike Kuchar

Mike Kuchar

Hiding Places

2016 | 00:06:00

In the quiet pre-dawn stillness, a boy gives 'voice' to his soul.

Film festivals are in progress as this video takes the viewer from the autumn rich colors of a Washington State movie event to the Virginia countryside of flaming, October foliage.