Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

George Kuchar

Storm Surge

2004 | 00:15:00

A sculptor dabbles in the wetness of his craft while the skies threaten a soaking to the winterized wonderland of a western shoreline.

Mike Kuchar

MidNight Mass

2006 | 00:09:10

An angry trollop and a self-doubting college kid collide in his cramped apartment for an episode of claustrophobia and self-analysis.

George Kuchar

Water Sports

2007 | 00:10:00

A trip to the Marin headlands at the Golden Gate of San Francisco Bay headlines this video diary. The viewer gets to eves and eye drop on various verbal and real time activities that are of a wet nature now and then.

A pile-up of events pertaining to cinematic expositions begins its whirlwind of activity in the south and then moves west with the sun to the “golden state” for all that glitters on a silver screen.

George Kuchar

Libido Lagoon

2009 | 00:32:00

This turgid potboiler was made with my class at the San Francisco Art Institute. It steam-rolls a series of overheated episodes to a colorful climax of redemption and moral rectitude.

Mike Kuchar


2012 | 00:42:10

A cavalcade of characters in conflict with consciousness is conjured up within the confines of Studio 8 at the San Francisco Art Institute and digitized for analysis.

Mike Kuchar

Chasing Shadows

2014 | 00:10:37

...It was time to chase One's shadow back into sunlight.

-Mike Kuchar

Mike Kuchar

Keeper of Secrets

2017 | 00:28:00

He peels away layers of secrets to you for what you are, and he likes scars because they tell stories.

Alone in an Oklahoma motel room with a mute companion, the talkative one speaks the language of memory as pussycats feast from a canned cornucopia.

Mike Kuchar

Shepherd's Poem

2002 | 00:13:25

A "birthday boy's" poetic yearnings on paper translate into a quest for perfection."

Text: Paul Shepherd                                                                               Participation: Marie Losier

Mike Kuchar

Celestial Murmurs

2006 | 00:12:00

Two souls, one aged, the other young, contemplate flowers, fairies and earthbound angels sent to tempt and tease.

Mike Kuchar

Leticia's Poem

2002 | 00:17:00

Poet Leticia Plotkin's final poem, intended to praise the ancient deities who control one's fate, turns instead into a bitter damnation scribbled in venom.