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Mike Kuchar

Moods For Moderns

2016 | 00:10:00

He came into the work world clad in skin, awash in all his yesterdays—now those shadows follow him!

The spirit of poets permeates the space/time occupied by an assortment of dinner engagements that occasionally erupt into physical or verbal assaults on the taste buds.

I wander around empty halls of academic buildings carrying bags of Halloween atrocities for our latest class project: a horror movie that lives up to that classification on multiple levels.

Mike Kuchar

Hush-A-Bye Baby

2006 | 00:13:00

Love and "sex" are proven to be two separate issues in this brazen world where a woman can be "Nude" but never "Naked"."

George Kuchar

Flesh of Fury

2007 | 00:28:30

This is a colorful fable of many foibles involving a man of the cloth who wishes to shed those accouterments for something of a more sinister fabric.

An ex-student of mine opens up in the privacy of her home and shows me her etchings (watercolors) as we talk of art and things that slip under the fabric of daily attire. - George Kuchar

George Kuchar


2010 | 00:23:40

Once again a seaside serenade of sloshing oils and simmering scallops fills the crannies of Cape Cod with dingle-berries of dubious delight!  Join a crew of crustacean craving civilians as they shuck their shells of inhibitions to become the…

In Jane and Mike Visit, George Kuchar documents a visit from his brother Mike and their friend and former Kuchar actress Jane Elford.

Mike Kuchar

Age of Anxiety

2015 | 00:25:00

"...Roy has set in and spread across the fabric of their lives."

— Mike Kuchar

The Rudnick family run amok with unleashed talent in San Francisco and display a wide girth of creative curvature for all to admire over a hot cup of java.

George Kuchar

Film Folk

2004 | 00:08:15

A young moviemaker discusses the horror film he hopes to open commercially. In the process he opens his lavish apartment to the hungry eyes and tummy of he who rots in the sidelights.

Mike Kuchar


2003 | 00:03:43

A pictorial romp with a black cat in her domestic jungle.