Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar


2018 | 00:31:05

A mirror reflects voiceless eyes with stories to tell, ‘stories’ about feet attempting to climb steps to "perfection"....."stories" about canvasses that are traps for a caged artist who’s paint brush needs…

Lips that issue forth melodious vows. Warm skin on bedsheets stained with dreams.

Mike Kuchar

Sweet Nothings

2017 | 00:41:00

Taste the delicious colors of "SWEET NOTHINGS" and observe the dice of desire being tossed on a gambler’s bed like yesterday’s candy.

Mike Kuchar

Dream Makers

2016 | 00:28:22

The raw facts and naked truths behind hedonistic rascals and obsessive artists is boldly uncovered and revealed to you.

Mike Kuchar

Sacred Places

2019 | 00:24:26

In the stillness of approaching night, a cool breeze will caress warm bodies that enter a lush garden in deepening twilight where the rising moon, full and bright, illuminates questions and answers that are…

Mike Kuchar


2014 | 00:20:56

Two boys are drawn together like metal to a magnet and conduct a somewhat confusing — but utterly charming "pow-wow" where dreams and ideas get tossed around like baseballs and artistic aspiration explores like…

Blood percolates beneath the hot skin of sweat soaked men as they wrestle with primal urges that rip open hearts, tie the gut in knots and turn emotions inside out.

Two potential saints struggle against the Moon’s pull on their libidos.

Mike Kuchar

Digital Poems

2021 | 00:25:00

…..Listen!….. hear the words from warm skin…..’words’ that whisper….’words’ that shout.

Mike Kuchar

Wayward Angels

2020 | 00:25:00

Two guys with their heads in the clouds and their feet in the mud of the world, can not be Angels until their earthbound urges are tamed.

Mike Kuchar

Age of Awareness

2021 | 00:30:00

In shimmering rainbow hues, iridescent as the aurora borealis, this meditative presentation contemplates the mechanics inside existence.

A witch’s moon ignites an artist’s canvas with lurid colors that keep him from sleep in a city that is the subject for his brush.