Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar

Paradise Gone

2007 | 00:08:00

There was plenty of fruit growing in Eden; mangos, pears, oranges...why did Eve have to pick that Apple!

Two men and two women attempt to re-assemble the scattered pieces of life's puzzle.

This video diary visits two sites that exhibited my visual works this past year, culminating at the VOLTA ART SHOW in N.Y.C., where I sold some paintings and a photograph.

George Kuchar


2000 | 00:06:23

George Kuchar experimented with in-camera editing effects more and more in his later career, and Snapshots is no exception.

Mike Kuchar

The Poet's Battle

2016 | 00:07:00

A poet teases God with written prayers, his heart dropping red petals onto the pages of life.


George Kuchar

Arizona Byways

2001 | 00:23:00

A cactus-strewn desert becomes the backdrop for this series of filmic stopovers that focuses on the living quarters assigned the assignee of this adventurous arrangement.

This European flavored melodrama depicts a fictional country of refined manners and debased desires that explode into chaos, sending its prodigal son into the pit of 20th Century technology.

A "grand dame's" delirious daydream blooms like a voluptous blossom in spring.

In this video, made soon after the death of his mother Stella, we accompany George to the wake, and on to a trip to Albert Maysles holiday home on Fisher's Island.

It was a clear day when I saw them--not a cloud in the sky--everything was crystal clear on that day in July when I was singled out!

Mike Kuchar

Medusa's Gaze

2010 | 00:10:16

Ripe fruit in sweaty socks; soft eyes, stained and suffering in the origin of consciousness, and a soul needing refrigeration, for it has nearly gone bad!



George Kuchar

Xmas 1986

1986 | 00:36:31

In Xmas 1986, George Kuchar’s mother Stella has come to stay with him for the holidays.