Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Made with my production class at the art asylum called the San Francisco Art Institute, this wide-screen drama of run-a-way spectacle and crazed emotion depicts a lurid tale of familial fury and unleashed passions.

Mike Kuchar

Free Form Frolic

2011 | 00:09:10

A topsy-turvy romp.

-- Mike Kuchar

George Kuchar

Arizona Byways

2001 | 00:23:00

A cactus-strewn desert becomes the backdrop for this series of filmic stopovers that focuses on the living quarters assigned the assignee of this adventurous arrangement.

This European flavored melodrama depicts a fictional country of refined manners and debased desires that explode into chaos, sending its prodigal son into the pit of 20th Century technology.

George Kuchar

Cat House

2007 | 00:24:00

This is a video that celebrates the New Year with a banging of plates and licking of bowls. The viewer gets to witness a house of canned celluloid and the watery vistas of a Bay Area burgh.

A quickie side trip to the Virginia Film Festival highlights some nice, fall foliage and a few fleeting faces as the camera probes a sculptural artifact or two before abruptly shutting down.

George Kuchar


2010 | 00:23:40

Once again a seaside serenade of sloshing oils and simmering scallops fills the crannies of Cape Cod with dingle-berries of dubious delight!  Join a crew of crustacean craving civilians as they shuck their shells of inhibitions to become the…

Mike Kuchar


2014 | 00:10:00

Bouncing balloons, cloth puppets and loud mouthed 'wall-bangers' enliven a grown up nursery.

—Mike Kuchar

A winter chill sets in making the furry residents of various dwelling places a center of affection and reflection. The images conjured up are steeped in a twilight worthy of polar pinpoints in the grip of glaciated gloom.

George Kuchar


2004 | 00:09:16

Clouds abound in this short meditation on vaporous masses that flow across the borders of our windowpanes, leaving in their wake the wreckage of discarded diets and sugar coated emptiness.

Mike Kuchar


2006 | 00:21:18

It is believed that Life originated in the Sea, and like the Ocean itself, human existance is thus subject to tides and surging currents of emotions stirred up by memory.

A pile-up of events pertaining to cinematic expositions begins its whirlwind of activity in the south and then moves west with the sun to the “golden state” for all that glitters on a silver screen.