Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

George Kuchar

The Passion Pot

2003 | 00:20:00

This chaotic fantasy involves an underground empire of Halloween-type entities that bedevil the surface people of earth with yellow rays that cause civilians to go on murderous rampages.

George Kuchar

January Jubilee

2008 | 00:12:16

The New Year is upon everyone in Bay City. Music plays, strangers mingle, friends get raunchy and the calories pile on as the sky comes ablaze with pyrotechnic pizzazz.

George Kuchar

Mellow Magic

2009 | 00:13:12

The viewer is whisked through a lovely cat-house, which also includes a turtle along with the whiskered pets, and then is suddenly immersed in the painted output of my old (yet still young and vibrant looking) friend, Michelle Joyce.

George Kuchar

Acid Redux

2009 | 00:04:14

George Kuchar’s Acid Redux is a raucous journey into the murky domains of mysticism and liminality.

Another holiday season rolls into the Northern California coast along with the breakers that roil and foam in mimicry of a "white Christmas." Men, women and felines frolic and fret amid the tinkle of holiday revelers as the short days fade into…

With various trips to the seashore, this summer travelette becomes an inner journey through mythical realms populated by rubberized horrors.

A collection of literary and visual art is exhibited in the home of a noted author who displays great hospitality to the horrors and kinks of artistic expression.

Mike Kuchar

Swan Song

2009 | 00:10:00

A pair of de-iced dove wings are on the floor next to his bed, states the poet who is deeply in love, and falling deeper, in this pictoral poem.

In Jane and Mike Visit, George Kuchar documents a visit from his brother Mike and their friend and former Kuchar actress Jane Elford.

Two gardens of plenty sprout with the seeds of bitter fruit made sweeter by the touch of summer, which rushes in with the scent of floral flatulence.

George Kuchar

A Fatal Desire

2004 | 00:37:15

“This melodrama, staged by me and produced with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute, follows the turbulent journey of an aspiring singer as she flees a frigid environment to heat up a tepid career.

George Kuchar

Cat House

2007 | 00:24:00

This is a video that celebrates the New Year with a banging of plates and licking of bowls. The viewer gets to witness a house of canned celluloid and the watery vistas of a Bay Area burgh.