Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

George Kuchar


2003 | 00:19:47

A metropolis awash in electrical overdrive crashes in the heat of summer and sends a Bronxite into the clutches of a waterworld further north.

A poem is read and emotions are unleashed. A book is signed and pets pampered as this tour of talented talkers weaves its way through Provincetown and New Jersey (with a turbulent exit in Manhattan).

This is the final part of a trilogy about the tribulations of Sherri Frankenstein (at least I think it's the last of these atrocities).

George Kuchar

Empire of Evil

2011 | 00:50:30

This high octane drama that I made with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute chronicles the moral decline of it's heroine, as the love of a man she obsesses over drives her over something else: a cliff into hell.  It's a free fall all…

Shutters click in this clothes-dropping exhibition of photographic exposures sure to quicken the pulse of those in need of extremity expansion.

Paint drips and body fluids ooze in this "tell all" and "hide nothing" documentary about two San Francisco males.

George Kuchar

SeaSide Show

2008 | 00:20:00

Waves crash on rocks as tongues flap in the wind about all things cinematic.

This weather diary finds me not quite alone on the prairie as Pepe and Poncho pay a visit. They dangle about the motel room and peer into blue tinged moods of explosive angst and laid back lumpiness.

"...Deep in the garden of the Artist's heart, ghosts of bygone worlds arise on gothic wings, calling forth delicious languors."

— Mike Kuchar

George Kuchar


2001 | 00:29:00

This flashy drama about theater life was made with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute and follows the various personalities that make up the show-biz milieu of a fictitious city on a fog bound coast.

Clouds pile up and discharge their gifts onto a hungry landscape of saturated fats and wired joints in need of an icy dousing.

George Kuchar


2007 | 00:17:00

A Japanese student is taken by his teacher to the land down under from Frisco (LA) and gets to meet the mighty that fuel our lust for entertainment and art with gregarious gusto.