Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

In the first of George Kuchar’s Alumni Series, he braces the unusually volatile weather, contending with torrential rain and flooding on his way to visit the apartment of alumni Peter Van Langen.

My teaching assistant during the spring semester (Marc Rokoff) at the San Francisco Art Institute began shooting a documentary of me and the students making our sci-fi drama, The Planet of the Vamps.

Mike Kuchar

Blue Banshee

1994 | 00:14:36

Commissioned to be a "promo" for a loud punk rock band, Mr. Kuchar feared that the noise the band made would spoil the mood of his visuals, so he used the sound of a lush orchestra to score the picture and the antics.

George Kuchar

Morsel Beach

1997 | 00:04:25

A short breather that smells of ocean salts and barbecued chicken. Friends gather for a celebration in the sun as the surf rolls in and the smoke heads skyward toward who knows what destiny?

Mike Kuchar

The Tiger

2009 | 00:10:00

One's 'softest parts' are 'scooped out and eaten alive'.

Mike Kuchar

Tickled Pink

2012 | 00:08:30

He is mute flesh that the stroking of fingers can bring to sing.

-- Mike Kuchar

Taped during the summer months in New York City and Provincetown, Massachusetts. This vacation video explores the restrictions imposed by dietary fears and the need to appease fresh and rotten appetites.

This horror picture is a sequel to THE KISS OF FRANKENSTEIN (a one act play I wrote a few years ago which was performed by my graduate students at the San Francisco Art Institute).

A sweeping saga of an evil matriarch and her march to infamy as she invades the hearts and souls of those organs and entities that reside in the male physique.

George Kuchar


2008 | 00:07:20

A California winter turns the left coast into a brew of foaming festivities while landlubbers leap for joy in the spray of salty slurpings.

George Kuchar


2011 | 00:25:55

This final weather diary travels through some rough inner and outer domains.  Social interactions blend more smoothly than the clash of air masses which threaten to clobber a prairie town in a vortex of violence.

Mike Kuchar

Keeper of Secrets

2017 | 00:28:00

He peels away layers of secrets to you for what you are, and he likes scars because they tell stories.