Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

A trip to Winnipeg introduces the viewer to moments of Canadian cuisine and to the easily digestible tidbits that make up the WNDX Film/Video Festival.

George Kuchar

The Gift of Gab

1989 | 00:17:31

The Gift of Gab presents the sobering tale of life and death, love and loss, all told through a series of simple everyday exchanges.

Mike Kuchar

Ruffled Spirits

2016 | 00:17:00

"He had let no appetite in him go hungry, no temptation pass him by, which led to sordid alleys where he became more an 'animal', than a spiritual 'man'."

– Mike Kuchar

George Kuchar

Matinee Idylls

2001 | 00:12:00

At the San Francisco Art Institute, a studio awaits the onslaught of creative concoctions perpetrated by a bearded atrocity who now hovers over past malpractices that cast a Technicolor pall over the whitewashed walls.

I’m not the only one eating my way through this sunny travelette as several other species dig into the goodies too.

The dialogue for this production, featuring Cupid, is taken from the pages of a personal diary found under a chair.

A collection of literary and visual art is exhibited in the home of a noted author who displays great hospitality to the horrors and kinks of artistic expression.

This is the final part of a trilogy about the tribulations of Sherri Frankenstein (at least I think it's the last of these atrocities).

Linda Martinez stars in this sequel to the horror series, which relishes in colorful detail the misadventures of Sherry Frankenstein.  Made with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute, the viewer is plunged into a world of young and old…

George Kuchar

Rotten Apples

1989 | 00:12:57

In Rotten Apples, George Kuchar explores the themes of life, lust, decay and death, all through the act of grinding apples for cider.

Mike Kuchar

Feathered Hearts

2015 | 00:09:36

"He lost more than a 'two-face' bitch...He lost his god."

—Mike Kuchar

The New York City summer is fueled by the sultry emanations of hot air that tumble off the tongues of potential thespians as they attempt to decipher the gastric guesswork embedded in the prose of the pre-production process.